Shruti Mahendra, CPCP

Frequently Asked Questions

What is trauma?

Trauma is pain caused to the human psyche that has not been seen, heard or felt and thus gets stored / trapped in our body.

There are different levels of trauma. Some examples are ritual abuse, incest, torture, abandonment, sexual assault, physical assault, emotional neglect, medical procedures, bullying, death of a loved one, accidents, etc. All human beings have suffered trauma, the degree of your suffering depends on how many of the different types of trauma you have experienced, how often it occurred, how many people abused you and how isolated you were.

Some symptoms of trauma are addiction, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, flashbacks, diseases, panic attacks, empty meaningless life, etc.

How do I know where to start my therapy?

I usually recommend clients to start with what they are struggling with most in their current life. If there are many struggles, I will suggest one that I feel is the most intense for you at the moment. If it feels right to you, that is where we begin.

I have done years of Psychotherapy, how is this the same or different?

Psychotherapy is done at the level of our conscious mind. We explore ourselves based on how much we know and remember. Psychotherapy is great for connection, validation and for having someone to share our deepest, darkest vulnerabilities with. However, Psychotherapy does not reach the root of our suffering. It does not change the PTSD symptoms that engulf us, the patterns we are stuck in, the ailments that are plaguing our bodies and the thoughts we wish to run away from. The Completion Process is a tool that heals us from the root so we are no longer a slave to our past but instead we discover who we are meant to be in this life without all the pain and suffering.

I had a great childhood, why am I in so much pain or why do I have these limiting patterns?

Often our most traumatic memories are hidden from our conscious mind. This is a protective mechanism. It would be impossible to function with memories of many traumatic events, especially as much of our trauma is caused by the very people our survival depends on, our parents. These memories are stored in our subconscious and in our body. We can access them by using our emotions to guide us down to the first time we felt that feeling and then going back in time to those memories in order to create resolve.

I am afraid of going back to the memory, I do not want to be re-traumatized.

I understand your fear, however the Completion Process is a tool that allows us to face and stay with the difficult emotions that we did not process during the traumatic event. Once these emotions are seen, heard and felt they cease to be stored in us and the energy dissipates from our body. During the process you will also be providing resolution for your inner child. We ask what it's needs are and without judgement we internally meet those needs. After that, we take the inner child to a safe place/haven that it has created for itself.

I feel ashamed that I need help, and it means something is wrong with me.

I understand that shame is given to us by the current society that expects us to meet all our needs ourselves. However, we are a tribal species, meant to take care of one another. Even with the best parents we can have in today's world, we still have many needs that were not met in childhood and so we feel emotionally starved. Our biggest need as humans is for connection. I am here to connect with you and to help you discover that there is nothing wrong with you.

I can't feel my emotions, how can you help me?

Many of us in today's society struggle with this because it was not okay for us to cry, express disappointment, get angry etc in childhood. However, even that feeling of not knowing how to feel is a feeling that you can sink into and will lead us to a point of trauma. You will be amazed at how many emotions you actually do feel once you are aware of what they are. Another way is to go into physical discomfort, as this makes us feel a certain way too.

Session FAQ

30 minute consultation session

This is a time for us to get to know each other and to answer any questions you may have. Any information you would like to share about yourself, what you are hoping to achieve from this work and assess if this is a good fit.

What is the first session like?

First sessions are generally spent getting to know you and the struggles you are going through. We will also spend some time to create a safe haven, if you do not have one already. Going through the Completion Process typically begins in the second session. If you would like to begin with the Completion Process in the first session I suggest booking the 2hr session and creating your safe haven before the session.

What is the Completion Process like?

This video, by Teal Swan, provides information about the process followed by a demonstration: